Are you still considered as a hippie?

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a designer. He is facing the problem that his colleagues think that he went crazy since he thinks about “green design”. Talking about sustainable or green is not only a trick to sell products to the young LOHAS-community. Normally you have to think about a proper production, a low-energy usage and a simple recycling anway. This is somenthing every student learns in the first lessons. I wonder everytime when people come up with an twenty-year old approach just trying to find new ways to sell their old-fashioned products. Everybody should think about how he can do his way on the sustainable road. And this does NOT mean that we should stop driving cars and flying to Hawaii. I just say that we all should think a bit more how we can really make change happen. And don’t be upset when the world is not chaning today – progress is a bit slow.


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