Monthly Archives: July 2008

Carbon Labelling in the UK

A new report from the Forum of the Future explores carbon labelling of products and the effects on shopping behaviour. I read about it at the ClimateBiz Newsletter.
Especiall the UK companies are very active setting standards and defining labels. Therfore also the UK customers are quite familiar with those new labels but on the other hand – as all of us – quite unsure how to rate them. It’s the same “problem” as with other labels on food. The customer will most likely tend to buy a labelled product. But there is always some doubt left: what does this really mean, is it the best label, who is defining the standards, who can assign this label,…?
These and many other questions may arise as today a variety of different labels are on the market – some are very good described but most of them are just poor colorfoul pictures without any relevance. If you can not find detailed information about all your questions – Keep your hands off!

You can download the report here.