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DFGE Frida Software Lösungen

DFGE Flyer Apr2011 – CO2 Emissionen im Griff

e³ Emission Calculator Logistics

Check out our new datasheet for the e³ Emission Calculator Logistics which delivers an easy-to-use, platform-independet tool for calculating your CO2 emissions – out-of-the-box and ready to use. Base data is already implemented you just have to enter distances and modal share and you will receive a certification for the Carbon Footprint for the particular shipment – simply export this into PDF format and send it with your oder confirmation to your customer.

Find here the datasheet.

Please contact us via info@dfge.de  to lear more or request a live demo!


Carbon Calculators: Identical Values but different results

As posted today on ClimateBiz researchers from the Vanderbilt University and the University of Washington published a study on carbon calculators for an individual’s carbon footprint. The results among the 10 analyzed calculators varied by as much as several metric tons. Also the majority of the calculators lack of a proper information about the methodology and estimations behind the calculation. This is a common problem with most calculators on the internet. Without the knowledge of the methodology and an error estimation the outcomes are nearly useless.

The study is available here.