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the guardian on 5 trends that show corporate responsibility is here to stay

Sustainability is not a trend but a global movement. Georg Kell recently published the “five trends that show corporate responsibility is here to stay” in the guardian.

Irregardless if you call it CSR, social and corporate governance (ESG) or sustainability. Several big trends indicate that this topic will stay and evolve:

  1. Transparency
  2. Trust
  3. Community Participation
  4. Accessing new markets responsibly
  5. Initiatives to engage companies

Georg Kell, executive director of the UN Global Compact, clearly emphasizes a valid and transparent communication in line with official standards and initiatives.

Find the full article here.


Mandatory reporting of GHG emissions for UK companies


Starting October 1st 2013 the UK Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013  will require all UK quoted companies to report their environmental impact and green house gas emissions as part of their annual report.

This effects all UK incorporated companies which are listed

  • on the London Stock Exchange
  • a European Economic Area market
  • or whose shares are dealing on the New York Stock Exchange
  • or NASDAQ.

Please find here the Environmental Reporting Guidance by DEFRA.

The web-tool FridaCarb allows companies to calculate their Corporate Carbon Footprint based on the DFGE TopDown Methodology. Based on the calculation also a Carbon Disclosure Project reporting (CDP) is offered.

Picture: http://pixabay.com

Rio 20: Verpflichtende Emissionsberichterstattung für Unternehmen in Großbritannien


Die Britische Regierung bestätigt nunmehr, dass alle in England am Hauptmarkt der Börse registrierten Unternehmen ab dem nächsten Jahr verpflichtend und offiziell über ihre CO2-Emissionen berichten müssen. Der Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg wird dies im Rahmen der laufenden Rio 20 Konferenz nochmals unterstreichen.

Damit gibt England ein klares Signal an den Markt. Experten erwarten, dass andere Regierungen nachziehen werden. So bestehen ähnliche Verpflichtungen bereits in Frankreich und Skandinavien.

Betroffen sind von der verpflichtenden Regelung ca. 1800 Unternehmen, die nun jährlich ihre CO2-Bilanz melden müssen. Die Regierung hofft mit einem guten Beispiel und klaren Standards weitere Unternehmen und Länder zu überzeugen mit zu machen. Ab 2015 könnten sogar alle größeren Firmen von der Regelung betroffen sein (ca. 24000 Unternehmen)

“Die größten Gewinner sind die Firmen, die sich bereits frühzeitig mit der Emissionsberechnung befasst haben und einen validen Prozess implementiert haben”, stellte ein Regierungssprecher nochmals klar.

Offizieller Link der defra – Leading businesses to disclose greenhouse gas emissions

Offizelle Informationen der defra zur Berechnung – Top businesses to report greenhouse gas emissions

Foto: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Carbon Labelling in the UK

A new report from the Forum of the Future explores carbon labelling of products and the effects on shopping behaviour. I read about it at the ClimateBiz Newsletter.
Especiall the UK companies are very active setting standards and defining labels. Therfore also the UK customers are quite familiar with those new labels but on the other hand – as all of us – quite unsure how to rate them. It’s the same “problem” as with other labels on food. The customer will most likely tend to buy a labelled product. But there is always some doubt left: what does this really mean, is it the best label, who is defining the standards, who can assign this label,…?
These and many other questions may arise as today a variety of different labels are on the market – some are very good described but most of them are just poor colorfoul pictures without any relevance. If you can not find detailed information about all your questions – Keep your hands off!

You can download the report here.