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UN Climate Summit 2014 New York

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon invited the world leaders to “to galvanize and catalyze climate action”. Several activities around the summit as the Climate Week NY with more than 300,000 people joining the Climate March show the importance. Everybody can participate with

  • Engagement in one of the eight Action Areas
  • Commit to Action on Climate Change
  • Demonstrate Leadership on Carbon Pricing
  • Join Caring for Climate: Be a Leading Business in Addressing Climate Change


France already commited to spend $ 1bn to the climate fund. Every company can commit on further action also by participating in Caring for Climate initiative. This initiative is also fully supported by the UN Global Compact.

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Science-based emission reduction targets

An initiative of CDP, UN Global Compact, WRI and WWF, has released with the Mind the Science and Mind the Gap initiative a draft methodology for public comment how to set science-based emission reduction targets. This should ensure that reduction targets are staying under the the global 2° C temperature increase.

Such metholdologies might also be part of the next CDP methodologies.

For information and public comments please visit

the guardian on 5 trends that show corporate responsibility is here to stay

Sustainability is not a trend but a global movement. Georg Kell recently published the “five trends that show corporate responsibility is here to stay” in the guardian.

Irregardless if you call it CSR, social and corporate governance (ESG) or sustainability. Several big trends indicate that this topic will stay and evolve:

  1. Transparency
  2. Trust
  3. Community Participation
  4. Accessing new markets responsibly
  5. Initiatives to engage companies

Georg Kell, executive director of the UN Global Compact, clearly emphasizes a valid and transparent communication in line with official standards and initiatives.

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