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Earthbook: Die Erde geht online

Die Erde hat eine offene Freundschaftsanfrage: Homo sapiens sapiens will per Earthbook in eine virtuelle Beziehung mit ihr eintreten. Bestätigen? Jetzt nicht? Ganz überzeugt ist die Erde nicht. Wie die Geschichte ausgeht, verrät ein neuer Kurzfilm.

Mehr Infos unter http://www.zukunftsprojekt-erde.de/zukunftsprojekt-erde/earthbook.html


Green IT Trends

The prominence of Green IT is growing every day. According to a new report from Forrester Research one of the five Green IT trends will be the end-of-live managment.

This means that initiatives in the IT will also stretch to other parts of the company. More and more divisions of the companies have ongoing or at least planned “green projects”. Now they merge in most cases to a single company strategy. But not only other parts of the own company are affected – also distributors and resellers should be aware of this trend. Under the life-cycle-approach everybody who is involved in generating a service or the production of a product will be influenced.

Sustainability is one of the major concers in the information and communication technology (ICT). But efforts should not be scaled down to green electricity. Only if I’m aware of the current situation and the coherences, the right decisions can be made. An organisation has to benchmark the current position. Companies don’t have to green their complete organisation at once. The proper starting point and a sophisticated mid-term strategy are crucial. Considerably important is a holistic view on the company processes.
Among those are

  • energy efficiency,
  • resource management,
  • environmental impact,
  • measurement and monitoring systems,
  • IT infrastructure for devices and building,
  • mobility generated communication,
  • regulations and laws.

Only a mature strategy, based on approved regulations, will allow continued focus and improvement.

Source: Greenercomputing.com